Advertise Your Business with Digital Booklets


Advertise Your Business with Digital Booklets

Many businesses use brochures to market their products to a large audience. However, brochures may not a suitable option all the time because of the limited space it gives for printing your message. Cheap digital booklet marketing is often used by companies to overcome this shortage of space.

Advantages of Digital Booklets

  • You Get More Space With Booklets


A brochure does not contain a lot of space to discuss about your services in details. You need to be short and to the point when writing in a booklet. On the other hand, a full-fledged magazine will give you lots of space but you will not require so much of space just to talk about a few products and services. They will not be a very economical option especially if your business is small.

A digital booklet gives you the optimum number of pages so that you can make an effective statement. You do not need to worry about overcrowding your booklet with information as you can easily increase the number of pages.

  • They Can Be Mailed Easily


Booklets can be sent to your clients easily through the mail service. Magazines can be sent through the mail but they will increase the money you have to pay for mailing them due to their weight and size. Booklets on the other hand are easily foldable in half. This will reduce the size of each mail which turn reduces the postage charges. Booklets have negligible weight so they will not qualify as bulk items when you mail them.

  • Booklets can carry Considerable information


The size of a booklet allows you to put in a lot of information. The extra size of booklets make them seem substantial than mere brochures. People will generally feel better about your services and products. This can be essential in drawing the attention of new customers to your services and commodities.

  • Clients Will Keep Them Longer


The details you provide in a booklet can help these items last longer with clients. They will keep a booklet which contains a lot of information as the data can prove to be beneficial to them later. The longer a booklet lasts in the homes of your clients, the greater chances are that others will view your booklet. Your booklet will also ensure that your customers will keep your company’s name in their minds. Thus, booklets can be a very good avenue of advertising.

  • Booklets can be used for a variety of purposes


You can use booklets for many reasons. You can use booklets as a way to let your customers know of any new services and commodities you are offering. Booklets can also be used to act as catalogs for your services. In case you are participating in an exhibition ort trade show, people can use your booklets to gain detailed information about your company and will also learn of the products and commodities that you sell. Booklets can also be used to inform your clients and business partners of reports, turnovers etc.

Tips on Increasing the Benefits Provided By Digital Booklets

  • Design your booklet like a coffee table book. A coffee table book relies heavily on pictures and graphics to push its message. You can implement the same idea while designing your booklets for more impact visually. The booklet with appear more enticing with the large images.


  • If you wish to increase the visual appeal of your booklet, then you should choose to include more photographs. Photographic representation of your commodities and services will entertain and inform your clients at the same time.
  • A bold and arresting design is critical to drawing customers’ and clients’ attention to your booklet. The colors should be striking and complementary to the graphics that you have used in your booklets.


  • Sharing technical knowledge with your customers through booklets will be appreciated. Customers can be quite curious about the way you make your commodities. A booklet is an excellent opportunity to help your customers understand the development processes and all the factors that help you in creating your products.
  • The language should be kept as simple as possible. Just because people take their time in perusing through a book does not mean that they are looking forward to decoding complicated languages and complex words. A booklet many include technical parlance but you will need to make some extra effort so that the readers are not confused.


  • Instead of making your booklet solely about the information about your services and commodities, you can include a few extra features. These extra features can make your booklets seem more exciting to your readers. Crosswords and puzzles will be fairly entertaining. Useful things like a planner and a list of handy tips can be attached as well.
  • Trying to save money on printing costs is commendable and necessary but you should not make your finished digital booklet cheap. Online printing services can help you to get good materials for printing booklets but at a lower cost.


  • Printing is done using the CYMK colors. If you wish you utilize all the four colors while printing your booklet. However, the finished items will cost more. On the other hand, you can easily make a booklet which looks enticing even if you use two to three colors.
  • Different companies will require a different number of booklets to be printed. A large company will require a huge number of booklets to send to their customers. In that case, they will need to choose offset printing to produce the booklets. Smaller quantities are best printed through the digital printing method. The primary reason is the costs involved in each operation. Offset printing is cheaper for large quantities of print and digital saves money if fewer copies need to be printed.


  • Online printing agencies can also prove to be beneficial in another respect. They offer their services at very reasonable rates. Compared to traditional printing agencies, these people can deliver your order faster and it will be cheap as well. They incorporate the latest technologies into their work and ensure your satisfaction regarding your order.


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